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and on adopting digital customer interaction tools to manage their sales and marketing processes, but going along with you in the process to accelerate the generation of new results

Who’s behind ViceversaSales?

The ViceversaSales team groups experienced sales operations consultants and digital marketers, who have worked on successful projects improving sales results for several clients by updating their practices and helping to adopt digital customer interaction platforms.


Principal Strategist

Johan Sebastian Quintana

Senior Strategist

Our manifesto for today’s marketing to produce sales is:

Your company’s  sales strategy 

needs to have inbound marketing as well as outbound marketing practices

We believe in the use

of a mix of new digital and the traditional sales practices.

Before starting a sales expansion you should fix the issues that are affecting your sales processes

to get in control of the operations that will let you keep the succesful practices and improve or change the inneficient ones.

For us, digital transformation

it is about the initiation of the understanding for the adoption of new digital practices, to create and optimize
sales processes.

All the campaigns conducted 

in social networks and digital media, require organized and pre-defined sales routes, to follow up on the leads generated, so they can guide them into a closing process.

Our businesses relies

on human conversations.

What our clients say