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The Value Proposition, a must have to increase leads and sales

When I am helping clients in defining or revising an existing inbound and outbound marketing and sales plan, I usually start by asking them about their Value Proposition (or VP).  It is very common to find that most of the companies don’t have a declaration of it in writing or announced on their websites.

It is easy to find several definitions on the web about what a VP is, but it is not easy to find information about how to properly describe one.  A good VP declares the reasons why a potential client decides on my services or products and not the ones of my competitors.  So, differentiation is the name of the game when we are trying to be identified by clients among all the companies who are fighting to attract and convert new clients in the market.

Companies looking to add or enhance an online channel to generate more leads and sales will find useful the following list with reasons why you should have a clear VP.  These are coming from practicing my proven methodology to help define VP for companies.

1. The Search Engine Optimization of a website, or SEO, requires keywords and long-tail keywords that search engines use to find it. These words indicate a specific context used by a potential client to do searches. Long-tail keywords are phrases of at least three words that describe more specific issues when searching for information about a topic or solution providers for industry problems.  For these purposes, having a well-described VP will make a huge difference for your website on growing visibility, because will facilitate the keyword identification on the specific contexts that describes, providing to you very more accurate keywords for your SEO.

2. On average 59% of today’s purchasing processes are based on a search on the web without contacting your company. So, it is a must to have contents on your website that will guarantee the full understanding of your attributes of differentiation.

3. The present business dynamics are based less on who do you know, and more on what they can do to solve a need at my company.

4. Now that there is more access to information, many more people are getting involved in purchasing processes. If your VP is present during the decision process, it will be helpful to create an internal consensus among the staff to decide to buy from you.

5. Your value proposition must be clear to be known by the buyer who visits your website for the first time because there will not be a second time

6. People did not read websites like books, they browse them fast, looking for contents that catch their attention on topics of interest.

7. The VP is the DNA of the company. It is what makes it unique and different from other companies in the market.

8. The PV makes it easier for the client of B2C or B2B, to identify if the company offers the solution to their need.  If that’s the case, it will accelerate the purchasing decision.

9. A clear VP helps in the optimization of all the marketing messages to use it them consistently in the strategy. This way you will generate a larger volume of traffic to your website, as well as new leads.

10. The VP must be communicated to all your staff at your company, to apply it to the mix of traditional and online marketing practices.

11. Six out of ten companies’ websites are unclear about their VP.   Their sales strategy is diffused, and they are not clear about how to reach their customers.

12. Don’t forget that SEO is about targeting real people, not only search engines. (mangools.com)

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