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The roadmap of our approach

Through six steps is how we help transforming the way your organization creates and retain value, in a continuous improvement environment.

Listening to the challenges that you need to overcome

We get to know about your challenges, the goals you have to achieve, how is the approach that you have as a plan to solve them, the timeline for achievement, the consequences of not reaching it, but also the positive implications when solve it, what budget you have considered and how is the process to get a consensus and approval on proposal of services to help you.

Getting our version of how is the disruption at your organization

Prepare a plan with you to have conversations with staff members and stakeholders to learn about the interruptions you are aware of but also those that are hidden. In this way, we will create an inventory of the problems that will be considered to design the change in the organization.

An organizational  redesign must respond to the real possibilities, capacities and, infrastructure of your company

The existing resources of people, systems and infrastructure, have to be considered first thing when designing change interventions, maximizing the adaptation and adoption of best practices, but keeping the disruption of the business at the minimum.

Communication is a must to produce team involvement and participation.

A practical communication plan for the staff will explain the challenges that the organization needs to overcome, but highlighting how critical is their participation. This way will reduce anxiety among the people, thus controlling the creation of new disruptions.

Now is time to work on the details to create as a whole, the new normal process operations

Best practices will take place for each process, policy, workflow, information pathway, production system interaction, and role description to align them to the vision of the new normal operation of the organization.

Measure outputs of changed operations and analyze results to conclude, but now in control for restoring process disruptions at your organization.

Now is when continuous improvement starts at your organization, but under your control to permanently assess the performance of the operations.  This way you will assure that more value is created, how, but most important is that is retained.

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