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By: ViceversaSales

ES* is a manufacturer of custom-made electrical equipment for the industrial sector with more than 33 years of experience manufacturing and supplying custom-made load banks and electrical resistances, totally unaware of the possibilities offered by the Digital Marketing and Sales practices.

A traditional family business that it doesn’t keep organized records of their customers’ information and generates their sales at their store open to the public and by the telephone.  The referrals were their usual way to generate new clients that they usually attended by phone without leaving a follow-up record of each of the conversations. A complete registry of the information of clients with businesses could be found only in billing or accounting records.

Now that the results of the sales area are the topic of major impact on the scope of the project, we started analyzing the sales process and how are they track and keep records. We find out that the face-to-face channel leads the volume of the sales process, followed by the telephone channel. Once a client with interest is identified, they followed up.  But only to the hot prospect, not for any others because there was no way to keep centralized records of all of the companies contacted.

We started with the implementation of a CRM which impacted successfully in the generation of early victories

We started with the implementation of a CRM which resulted successfully. Besides that, we train the staff in the new practices but establishing controls and verifications that these changes were fully adopted. Early victories in sales started happening now that following up on contacted prospects it was easy to do and to generate new sales from them.  Within a few weeks, the sales values increased by 30%, and repurchases by 25%.

This is what we execute in phase 1:

1.Training in the use of CRM

2.Definition of the new marketing and sales processes.

3.Structuring of the practices for a commercial team that can serve twice as many clients and scales their numbers in a controlled way.

We started tracking the following KPI:

The monthly number of new accounts registered in the CRM by the commercial team.

We prioritize capturing the organic searches of potential customers looking for the product categories offered by the company, as the next phase.

Capturing the organic searches of potential customers looking for the product categories offered by the company, was how we defined the next phase. Because some of the face-to-face clients mentioned that they had not found how to identify potential suppliers of the equipment they were looking for in their searches on the web.  For this reason, we decided to intervene the website, incorporating practices and tools to optimize and facilitate their identification in organic searches (or SEO in English).  Besides that, this also involved designing the website to give it more responsiveness in searches and also redesigning the brand image of the company.  We carried out a relaunch to seek to prevail within the online channel of these industrial electrical products.  The result of establishing a secure and stable website was achieved, organically start generating an average of 30 new customers per month.

This is what we execute in phase 2:

  1. Setting-up a new website on Kentico’s platform so capacity will be easy to scale as need it
  2. Search optimization
  3. Redesign the company’s brand

We started monitoring the following indicators to obtain records of the results produced in this 2nd phase:

Now that the company has a CRM in use to keep records of all sales processes and monitor them.  And also, a robust web page easy to identify in organic searches, with active options for interaction with customers in real time and contents to validate the experience of the company.

Then, we initiate the accompaniment to execute the commercial strategy of marketing and sales.

Some of the main actions carried out in this phase were:

  1. Advertising campaigns optimized to generate results efficiently, and access to the information generated for analysis and monitoring.
  2. Increase in strategically selected content
  3. Measurement and analysis to keep the good results but making adjustments on time to optimize them

Today ES has a digital marketing and sales platform that has allowed it to structure the customer database with records and activities in real time. They have managed to consolidate a commercial structure with defined and clear processes, which has had a direct impact on sales and team productivity.

The sales results of ES at the time of writing this document were 50% more than 2017, and it continues to rise.

Most importantly, is that the change management was produced by the implementation of available new technological tools to solve main issues, by training the management and the staff in the new practices, and by the investment of resources strategically to establish a new fully measurable sales channel for the company.

Now the challenge for ES is to optimize the use of its production capacity given the increase in new product orders.