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Services for organizational change on process transformation to optimize systems interaction, and adaptation of people to a culture of continuous improvement of services and operations.

We keep disruptions to the business at the minimum, when redesigning workflows, information pathways, resource allocations,  production systems  and role descriptions, to optimize how the organization creates and retains value.

We design and

facilitate organizational change

If your company experiences growth in operations in a fast pace environment that doesn’t allow your staff to fully adapt to the interaction with the new systems, making incidents and disruption growing

We help restoring processes by designing and implementing input and output definitions and sequences 

Organizational change is now the new normal, so it is a must to ensuring that best practices are in place for people so they can create and retain value

We help you transform your organization into an environment that maintains continuous improvement of processes and systems interactions.

How we provide 
our services?

Taking you from the general picture of operations and processes...
to detailed descriptions of roles, system interactions and KPIs, which is where improvement happens.
We go along with you during the implementation
to ensure that the new designed operations and processes are the best fit to the reality of your organization
We team same way with the management staff
as well as the rest of the staff, to pursue full participation in the organizational change, reinforcing that transformation is based on teamwork

The roadmap of our approach

Through six steps is how we help transforming the way your organization creates and retains value.

We start with a free informational meeting to understand which are the concerns at your organization, that keeps you awake at night.

We reach for your consensus on our services proposal, and then we start gathering information from staff and from the systems to learn the actual situation to share with you and validate our understanding.

We prepare a design of the organizational change describing the big picture, but also the in details on the best practices to incorporate it that will have impact on solving disruptions. Then we will look for your feedback and consensus to continue

We brief the rest of the staff about the new organizational design, on how it is going to help to solve all the issues that are affecting the operation as a whole and at each of the roles, and how it will create more opportunities for improvement.

We put on work the changes to redesign processes, procedures, policies, roles descriptions, interactions, and systems improvements, working together with staff, briefing and training them on new practices to make it part of the solutions.

After having implemented the changes, we follow up the operations by measuring outputs to create a new baseline of KPIs to make sure that the new practices are in place and the staff has moved to the new way of performance but under a continuous improvement environment.

Types of Organizational Change:

Process and Systems Change 

Shifts to workflows, information pathways, resource allocation, and production systems designed to optimize how an organization creates and retains value

People and Culture Change

Activities designed to influence the the values, norms, roles assumptions, & leadership style that form the organization’s culture to align with its mission, vision and strategy.

Remedial Change

Occurs in reaction to a problem, threat or challenge faced by an organization.

Transformation Change

Involves a re-imagining of an organization’s vision, organizing principles, processes, way of working, products & services. Requires significant buy-in from all levels of staff and is typically led in a top-down manner.

Incremental Change 

Continuous, gradual improvements to an organization made in an ongoing manner.

Structural Change

Changes to an organization’s structural characteristics such as the organization of its business units or internal groups.


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